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Meet Q-comp

Q-comp is a modern compressor and vacuum pump that is the driving force behind today’s small compressor technology. It is dry running with dual bearing mounted rotor. Any electric motor can be adapted to the Q-Comp. The Q-comp is maintenance-free, environmentally friendly while being an efficient pressure provider. Because the Q-Comp construction is very compact, pressure or vacuum can be provided exactly where it’s needed.

Die neuen Qcomp-Modelle


Thanks to the trendsetting technology of the rotary vane, a standard component in all Q-comp models, our compressors are maintenance-free and extremely reliable.

A rotary vane is centrally mounted in a rotor located in an eccentric housing. Only a few hundredths of a millimeter separate the rotor from the housing at the closest point. While the motor is rotating, the volume between the rotary vane and the housing is reduced compressing the air. At the end of the rotation cycle, the compressed air is escapes via the outlet fitting. By means of changing the direction of rotation, this principle can be used to create pressure as well as vacuum, while the inlet and outlet change places


  • may be used for creating pressure or vacuum with no modifications
  • oil-free by means of self-lubricating bearings
  • maintenance-free
  • compact design, while high pressure / vacuum can be achieved
  • very reliable and space-saving
  • direct current models with the capability to reverse rotation

Application areas

Rotary vane compressors are used in different industrial areas:

  • vehicle technology
  • vacuum technology
  • all applications for creating pressure and vacuum
  • general laboratory environments
  • analysis
  • lyophilization
  • medical engineering
  • process engineering

Q-comps have especially proven themselves as pressure creating elements in track vehicles since 2003. Nearly 10.000 compressors deliver pressure for traction sanding and other systems in trams and trains - partially in extreme operating conditions.

This is only possible through the high quality standards and the modular system approach, which enable customer-oriented special solutions based on given performance requirements.

Depending on the operating conditions, special filters, check valves and other components must be added.


Each Q-comp compressor is checked under extreme and long term tests at the factory. Following a successful test, each Q-comp is assigned a test protocol and our original seal of quality.

Components and spare parts are tested and approved using the same quality and safety standards.

To protect the compressor from foreign objects, suitable filters and other safety installations should be added to the compressor.


The Q-comp series 3 GS and mini define our standard. Many thousands of compressors are in use for 15 years. Especially in areas, where fast reaction times and long distances (without the use of a reservoir tank) are required. The Q-Comps advantages are obvious.

Especially in rail vehicles, these compressors are used:

  • Q-comp 3 GS
  • Q-comp 3 GS Mini
  • Q-comp 3 GS V

The high performance models

The Q-comp X-line is driven by a high performance motor. They are especially resistant to wear and tear and offer extremely high power output. Every time, when high pressure and vast air volume at preferably low currents are needed, these high-end products are used.

  • Q-comp 3G HP
  • Q-comp 3G HP mini

The customized brushless models

Brushless Q-comp models are characterized by an especially compact shape and have the highest power output. These compressors are equipped with a motor control unit, which can be delivered as well.

  • Q-comp 3 BC
  • Q-comp 3 BC Mini
  • Q-comp 3 BC star


Since mid 2016 the former Q-comps 2 are replaced by the 3rd generation Q-comps. The 3rd generation is characterized by a lower mass, but is fully compatible. At this moment, the new Q-comp BC mini is in the testing phase. It is the precursor to the upcoming 4th generation, which will be offered in parallel to the 3rd generation for special operational situations.


Q-comp silent

Designed for especially noise-reduced operation, most of the current Q-comp models can be offered in the silent variation as well.

Q-comp shell

Protected from weather and outer forces, most Q-comp models can be delivered in the shell variant. It is important, that the air inlet sucks air from a warm, clean room.


It has always been our goal to build a quality product that exceeds other products in terms of quality, performance and longevity. Today, after more than 15 years of experience, this goal was reached, as the performance of our products shows.

We never stopped improving, although our compressors were ahead of the competition from the beginning - but we focused on details and still found opportunities to increase performance.

Even today, compressors of the first generation are still in use - and wear and tear that would reduce efficiency could not be noticed.

In 2012, the second generation was introduced to the market. Those had increased performance and more variations were offered. The 2nd generation Q-comps were unmatched on the market – either as a compressor or vacuum pump.

And still - we didn’t stop improving. 2016 is the year of the 3rd generation! After one and a half decades we didn’t just achieve another increase in performance, but our experience from the markets went back into the design process. The result speaks for itself: We reduced mass by more than 10 percent and increased efficiency by introducing brushless technology.

And you can be sure, we will continue improving!